Photo by:  Magee McIlvaine

Photo by: Magee McIlvaine

Nio is a multi-talented Dj, Mc and Producer for the critically acclaimed Italian rap group Zero Plastica and for the US-based record label and film production company Nomadic Wax. Nio has been making music since 1993 and has released dozens of mixtapes, albums, and international projects, as well as contributing to documentaries about Hip-Hop Culture in Haiti, Zimbabwe, Italy, Senegal, Mauritania and Cuba.

Whether solo or together with his group Zero Plastica, Nio has performed alongside international stars such as Shaggy, Krs One, George Clinton, Funkadelic & Parliament, Alborosie, David Rodigan, Desmond Dekker, and he has performed alongside with just about every well known rapper in all of Italy.